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Maxillofacial Surgery & Facial Trauma Surgery

  As one of the Harley Street Clinic's Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Mr Kalavrezos is doubly qualified in Medicine and Dentistry with specialist training and experience which gives him an unparalleled understanding of the surgical anatomy and pathology of the mouth, face and neck.

  Of major concern when carrying out reconstructive surgery are the imperatives to achieve the best cosmetic result possible and to protect and repair the complex, closely connected anatomical functions in this part of the body.

  Surgery to the head and neck presents its own particular challenges. It is a highly complex area anatomically and is also vital to the patient’s sense of well-being and confidence. Cosmetic work, therefore, forms an inseparable part of the trauma surgery. In the case of jaw, bone or skull damage, casts cannot be applied as with most other fractures. Instead fractures are often held in place by plates and screws while the healing process goes ahead. This “rigid fixation” has largely replaced earlier methods involving the wiring together of damaged bone areas and has vastly improved recovery patient times.

  With aesthetic considerations always in mind, soft tissue damage is repaired using the smallest incisions possible and placing them, as far is possible, in places where the scars will be hidden. Where underlying tissue has to be removed because of infection, cancer or other trauma, it is commonly removed through ablative, or laser surgery.

  The particularly challenging nature of facial and head injuries demands that the practitioner combines a high level of surgical skills with several medical and dental specialisations. As two of the most prestigious hospitals in Britain, UCLH and the Harley Street Clinic attract practitioners who are at the very top of their profession. 

  Nicholas Kalavrezos is highly experienced in the emergency care, acute treatment, long term reconstruction and rehabilitation of the patient. 



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