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Surgery for Benign Head and Neck Conditions


  There are many benign conditions of the head and neck that may require surgery, most common are cysts, benign tumours. and advanced infections of the inner ear.


  Problems can develop next to important blood vessels and nerves, they therefore need very delicate surgery. The head and neck area contains more complex anatomy than the rest of the human body 

  Benign tumours can occur almost anywhere in the head and neck, they do not contain malignant or cancerous cells and do not spread to other areas in the same way that malignant tumours may do. However if they are not treated properly they can grow and lead to other damage. Normal treatment is surgical removal of the tumour. Certain tumours, though benign, may require further treatment with nuclear medicine or chemotherapy.

  The best treatment for a benign tumour may sometimes be to keep it under observation, since surgery is only required if the tumour is causing infection or deformity or interfering with functionality.  Benign tumours do not usually grow back after being removed and usually do not need further treatment.

  Mr Kalavrezos uses image-guided surgery, often further guided by real-time 3D radiological images, allowing smaller incisions, a very high degree of surgical accuracy and a better cosmetic outcome.




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