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Ablative & Reconstructive Surgery of the Head & Neck


  Tissue ablation is a surgical technique that uses lasers to remove tissue that is damaged, scarred, or unwanted. In the context of Head and Neck Surgery it often means the removal or reduction of tumours with laser treatment.


  Mr Kalavrezos specialises in the treatment and removal of cancers of the skull base, throat, and neck and the re-constructive needs of the face, head and neck after surgery  or major trauma.  


  Surgery of the head and neck is particularly demanding since the reconstructive requirements are so complex in this highly visible and vital area. Surgery is most often concerned with replacing and repairing tissue where a tumour has been removed or where injury was sustained. The myriad functions in this part of the body, such as speech and swallowing have to be protected as far as possible, 


  Microvascular free-tissue transfer is one of the main reconstructive techniques used. This  involves replacement of the damaged or removed area with appropriate tissue from a different  part of the body. Major damage caused by the need to surgically remove a tumour or damaged tissue can be repaired with this technique. When undertaken, the tissue components (bone, skin, muscle) can be transferred to fit  the traumatised area.


  There are many possible donor sites in the body, the selection of donor tissue is decided by the surgical requirements, as different parts of the body offer different advantages.


  Such techniques are used by Mr Kalavrezos's team within an intensely integrated approach  that involves further cosmetic surgery as part of a carefully planned and multi-facetted recovery process. 




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