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Treatment for Head & Neck Cancer

Our Approach 


  The entire focus of our cancer unit is centred on the needs of the individual patient. Every case is different.


  There are three main types of treatment for head and neck cancers: surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) and biological therapies may also be used. Sometimes the treatment of head and neck cancers will involve two or more treatments combined together.


  For most people, the treatment is aimed at removing the cancer and reducing the chances of the cancer coming back.  However our specialist cancer care goes beyond clinical expertise. We also offer a full range of professional holistic services, from nutrition and dietary advice, to complementary therapies and specialist counselling.


  Complementary therapies such as massage, aromatherapy, reflexology or reiki, are used to supplement patients' medical treatment with the aim of relieving stress, aches and pains. The sessions last for up to an hour. In-patients and day-patients can have an unlimited number of short reflexology or reiki treatment


  Patients are seen in private consulting rooms and, depending on the treatment given, can also choose from a range of holistic services to help them feel comfortable and relaxed





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